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2020-02-17 13:18:31

Bet Cantallops

Bet Cantallops

(Barcelona, 1966)

Graduate in Architecture from the Barcelona Higher Technical School of Architecture (ETSAB). She is a co-founder, along with Pere Ortega, of Saetaestudi, an architectural studio open to any experience relating to design and contemporary art. She has been running projects since 1994 on every scale, from planning to designing items for both institutions and private enterprises. She worked as an adviser to the Area of Culture at COAC from 2002 to 2006 and as a lecturer in regular courses, master’s degree and postgraduate degrees not just at the UPC and the UIC but also at the Elisava, BAU and IED design schools. She is currently a lecturer in various Interior Design courses at the IED. Founding member of the Què és A? association whose goal is educating children and young people in art and architecture. She has also organised and run workshops for children and young people.

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