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2020-02-20 13:08:04

Activitats Biennal

Democratic city , Diverse city , Habitable City / Debate , Live arts

Art, philosophy and city

At a time when thought and the transformational power of art are undervalued, it becomes easier to fall prey to manipulation and indoctrination. Art and philosophy give value and sense to human contradictions and doubt, their experiences and emotions. Artists and philosophers observe the world; they listen to it, to focus on the ways in which power runs through our lives and conditions them.

After a first discussion with Remedios Zafra, the 'Art, Philosophy and City' series continues with Margins: art and philosophy at the sidelines of the general public?, with Enric Puig Punyet and the resident artists at La Escocesa, Marla Jacarilla and Thilleli Rahmoun.

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