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Democratic city , Diverse city , Habitable City / Debate , Live arts

Art, philosophy and city

At a time when thought and the power of art are undervalued, it becomes easier to fall prey to manipulation and indoctrination than to stimulate critical reflection. Art and philosophy give value and sense to human contradictions and doubt, their experiences and emotions. To the grey area where spheres intersect, collide or come into conflict, and which others try to keep separate, under the contemporary trend for subordinating the world to statistics. Artists and philosophers observe the world; they listen to it, to focus on the ways in which power runs through our lives and conditions them.

The three sessions in this series explore the benefits of recuperating art and philosophy in politics. The first discussion is Blurring and empty spaces. When art and thought infuse the difficulty of the times, with Remedios Zafra and the artistic involvement of Juan Antonio Cerezuela.

Zafra says: 'I believe that all art, and I think all philosophy as well, that is called contemporary, should be able to infuse the difficulty of its time, make it thoughtful, not revealing truths but the ways in which truths are 'designed' and managed nowadays in a capitalist context and online'. This is the essence of her talk.


17 October 2018

La Escocesa

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