2018 edition of the Biennial of Thought

The city under discussion.
A welcoming, open space with the power for transformation and creation.
An opportunity to celebrate the human wealth of cities and the multiplicity of lives, histories and worlds contained in them.

We presented the first edition of the Biennial of Thought with these words. Open City reached out to citizens, inviting them to actively take part in an international event, a meeting with architects, urban planners, and experts in sociology and thought, design and digital environments from all over the world, the leading voices in their respective fields. And the citizens of Barcelona accepted the invitation.

More than 23,000 people from our city took part in some one hundred activities - debates, lectures, routes, live arts, workshops, dialogues, concerts - which left the participants eager to continue talking, thinking and imagining the city in which we want to live. And so this project, promoted by the City Council, is back on track this 2020, a complicated year which despite everything once again opens up the city to anyone who wishes to contribute by generating ideas and proposals for the future.

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